Born to run in the Copper Canyons

In May this year, news broke that a 22 year old Mexican woman from the Tarahumara tribe ran a 50km (31 mile) ultramarathon equipped with nothing other than a pair of sandals made from recycled tires. Moreover with no professional training María Lorena Ramírez beat 500 other runners to the finishing line. For years there has been intrigue surrounding the Tarahumara tribe and in 2009 … Continue reading Born to run in the Copper Canyons

The Legend of the ‘Young-Shuffle’

When my partner introduced me to running he gave me a piece of advice: ‘when you get tired don’t stop, just shuffle’. Little did I know that this technique had an epic backstory and originated on the other side of the world back in the early 1980s. Cliff young, one of the most unknown yet influential ultramarathon runners coined this technique and it has since … Continue reading The Legend of the ‘Young-Shuffle’

5 Benefits Running Has on Your Mind

Growing up I always thought that running was just something you did to lose weight and this mentality had a huge affect on my approach to hitting the trail. After constantly hearing about this mythical ‘runners high’ I was determined to break through the barrier and become a runner – and while I wouldn’t yet feel comfortable branding myself as a runner, I can proudly say … Continue reading 5 Benefits Running Has on Your Mind