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Micro-Adventures: My Wish List

Despite living abroad twice in my life I’ve never actually traveled that much and I’ve only visited 11 countries (3 of which I lived in). I’m always day dreaming of exploring far away places like Australia, New Zealand or South America but I haven’t even begun fully exploring the United Kingdom yet – which is crazy considering it is literally right on my door step. After recently … Continue reading Micro-Adventures: My Wish List


Best Forests To Visit In The UK

I ummed and ahed for a good few days to find the perfect way to describe the wonder of forests; and I simply couldn’t do it justice. But I know of someone who could: ” Every time I enter one of the last wild places of this earth, I feel I am walking into a vast, hallowed cathedral. I enter timelessness, mystery, the unknown, where … Continue reading Best Forests To Visit In The UK


Learning how to Snowboard

As I sit here on my sofa with a sore bum and tired legs I’m already thinking about when I can hop back on a snowboard. I’ve wanted to try Snowboarding for years, rather shamefully after watching Chalet Girl for the first time as a teenage girl. When I turned 24 earlier this month I decided to treat myself to a lesson at the Snowdome in … Continue reading Learning how to Snowboard