Learning how to Snowboard

As I sit here on my sofa with a sore bum and tired legs I’m already thinking about when I can hop back on a snowboard. I’ve wanted to try Snowboarding for years, rather shamefully after watching Chalet Girl for the first time as a teenage girl. When I turned 24 earlier this month I decided to treat myself to a lesson at the Snowdome in Tamworth.

After counting down the days for the last couple of weeks I woke up today like a kid on Christmas morning – finally I could go and play in the snow. Oddly enough, I began to get nervous throughout the day. My nerves came from the worry that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, especially having been so excited to try it out!

We arrived at the Snowdome thirty minutes before our 2hr session and quickly swapped out our jeans and t-shirts for thermals, waterproofs and gloves! We headed down to the bottom of the slope to get our equipment – the boots, bindings, helmet and most importantly board.

IMG_5159 (1)

We met the instructors by the turnstiles at the bottom of the slope who went on to explain the very basics of snowboarding to us – how to fasten the bindings and the premise behind a ‘toe edge’ and ‘heel edge’. After a few minutes of getting used to the feel of being strapped into the board we pushed through the turnstiles and got some snow under out boots.

With the board under my right arm and the rope tow under my left I made it to the top of the slope with the rest of the group. Now it was time to master the ‘toe edge’! The instructors took us down one by one for the first time, giving us some pointers on any changes we needed to make to our posture. After that we were given free reign to practice on our own if we felt comfortable to do so.

I was expecting to fall over a lot, so it came as no shock to me when I did and I’d already mentally prepared myself for a bit of discomfort. As we were practicing the ‘toe edge’ technique I was facing the top of the slope and I went down backwards with the majority of my weight pushed forwards through my hips.

Next came the ‘heel edge’ which felt much more natural – mainly because I go down the slope the right way around! I also learnt how to get back up without sliding after falling on my bum – got to practice that quite a few times …IMG_5169 (1)

It was such a fun experience! Having been on the board for a mere two hours and at a very junior level, I can already understand how people get hooked! So here’s to lesson number two, may the snow be fresh and the bum less bruised.



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